Industry News

  • With its excellent water-solubility, bonding strength, film forming properties and chemical stabilities, Polyvinyl alcohol(PVOH, PVA) has achieved a great reputation in both global and domestic markets as an industrial material or finishing agent for adhesives, paper, emulsion, suspension, fabric, and films.


  • Through a series of chemical modifications to PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) resin, the water resistance of PVA and the compactness of the arrangement of PVA molecules are improved


  • Construction adhesives and adhesives Construction adhesives made from polyvinyl alcohol include putty adhesives, paint adhesive base materials, etc., and their scale accounts for more than 40% of the total.


  • Polyvinyl alcohol is an organic compound, white flake, flocculent or powdery solid without taste. Polyvinyl alcohol is an important chemical raw material for the manufacture of gasoline-resistant pipes and vinylon fibers, fabric treatment agents, emulsifiers, adhesives and glues, etc.


  • JOYFORCE PVA 1799 has the characteristics of high adhesion, less dosage, high blank rate, low ash content, stable sintering and volatilization, etc., which makes it have great advantages in the use of magnetic products. The quality has been greatly improved.


  • The dissolution of polyvinyl alcohol is a very delicate operation. If the dissolution is not good, micelles or even hard blocks will appear, which directly affects the subsequent operation and product quality.