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Performance and use of Hydroxy Ethyl Cellulose (HEC) ⑶

There are three general methods of use:

Method (1) directly added during production

1. Add clean water to a bucket equipped with a stirrer.

2. Stir at low speed at the beginning to slowly and evenly disperse the (HEC) into the solution.

3. Stir until all the (HEC) particles are completely wet.

4. Add the anti-mold agent first, and then add various additives such as: pigments, dispersants and so on.

5. Continue stirring until all (HEC) and other additives are completely dissolved (the solution viscosity obviously increases) before adding other ingredients in the formula to react.

Method (2) Preparation of mother liquor for use

In this method, a mother liquor with a higher concentration is prepared first, and then added to the product. The advantage of this method is that it has greater flexibility and can be directly added to the finished product. The use steps are the same as steps 1 to 4 in method (1); but it must be stirred until it is completely dissolved into a viscous solution, and the mold must be protected. Add the agent to the mother liquor as soon as possible.

Method (3) Prepare porridge for use

Since agricultural production system solvents are poor solvents for (HEC), these agricultural production system solvents can be used to prepare porridge. Commonly used are “ethylene glycol, propylene glycol and film-forming agents (hexylene glycol, diethylene glycol butyl acetate, etc.). Ice water is also a poor solvent, so ice water can also be used with agricultural production system solvents to prepare porridge. .

Congee-like (HEC) can be added to the finished product. This is because the congee-like (HEC) has been fully foamed, and it can be dissolved immediately after being added to the product, and has a thickening effect, but it still needs to be stirred after being added. Until (HEC) is completely dissolved.

Generally, porridge is mixed with six parts of agricultural production system solvent or ice water and one part (HEC). After about 5-30 minutes (HEC), it will hydrolyze and increase significantly. Due to the high temperature in summer, this method is generally not used.