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Control of PVA Film Thickness

In cast film production, the uniformity of film thickness is an important indicator of product quality. As a requirement of quality control management, it should be tested and adjusted in real time so that it can be continuously produced within the range that meets the requirements. The uniformity of film thickness directly affects the quality of downstream products, such as high-speed color printing, high-speed automatic packaging, etc. Different grades of products have different ex-factory prices, and the grade rate greatly affects the efficiency of the enterprise. Therefore, controlling the thickness of the film on the PVA film production line has also become critical.

The main factors that affect the uniformity of the film are:

  1. The process status of the production line and the stability of the production equipment; the preparation and coordination of each component and process, the coordinated operation, and the appropriate production equipment are the main factors;
  2. The measurement tools are accurate. As long as the measuring tool is accurate, the change of the film thickness can be reflected in time;
  3. Accurately and effectively adjust the opening of the two-way die.