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Polycarboxylic Acid Superplasticizer

Hydroxy Propyl Methyl Cellulose (HPMC)

Re-Dispersible Polymer Powder(RDP, VAE)

Water Soluble PVA Fiber

Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose uses

Used as thickener, dispersant, binder, exciphant, oil resistant coating, filler, emulsifier and stabilizer in textile industry.  Also widely used in synthetic resin, petrochemical, ceramic, paper, leather, medicine, food and cosmetics and other industries.

The main purpose

1, construction industry: as cement mortar water retention agent, retarder mortar with pumping.  In plastering, gypsum, putty powder or other building materials as adhesive, improve daub and prolong the operation time.  Used for pasting ceramic tile, marble, plastic decoration, paste strengthen agent, still can reduce cement dosage.  HPMC’s water retention performance makes the slurry after application will not be due to dry too fast and crack, enhance the strength after hardening.

2, ceramic manufacturing: widely used as adhesive in ceramic product manufacturing.

3, coating industry: in the coating industry as a thickener, dispersant and stabilizer, in water or organic solvents have a good solubility.  As a paint remover.

4, ink printing: in the ink industry as a thickener, dispersant and stabilizer, in water or organic solvents have a good solubility.

5, plastic: for forming release agent, softener, lubricant, etc.

6, PVC: PVC production as a dispersant, suspension polymerization preparation of PVC main auxiliaries.

7, pharmaceutical industry: coating materials;  Membrane material;  Rate-controlled polymer materials for sustained-release preparations;  Stabilizing agent;  Suspended aid;  Tablet adhesive;  Increases the goo

8, Others: also widely used in leather, paper products industry, fruit and vegetable preservation and textile industry.