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Polycarboxylic Acid Superplasticizer

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Re-Dispersible Polymer Powder(RDP, VAE)

Water Soluble PVA Fiber

PVA film manufacturing

PVA is the only vinyl polymer that can be used by bacteria as a carbon source and energy source. Under the action of bacteria and enzymes, it can degrade 75% in 46 days. It is a kind of biodegradable polymer material and can be produced on a large scale by non-petroleum routes. , The price is low, its oil resistance, solvent resistance and gas barrier properties are outstanding, and it has unique advantages in food and pharmaceutical packaging. These types of manufacturing generally uses JOYFORCE PVA 0588, PVA 2088. However, the solution processing and molding need to undergo dissolution and drying processes. It has disadvantages such as complex process, high cost, and low yield. It is difficult to prepare thick-walled and complex-shaped products. At the same time, it cannot be co-extrusion blow molded with other materials to prepare a multilayer composite film.