PVA 1588

PVA 1588  Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) is a non-polluting water-soluble polymer, usually white or slight yellow floccule, flake, granular or powder solid. Its performance is between plastic and rubber. It has good adhesion, film-forming ability, insulation, oil resistance, abrasion resistance and gas barrier property, etc.   Product Feature: Partially Hydrolyzed. Medium viscosity. Adjust particle size according to actual demand. […]

PVA 1588GA

PVA 1588GA This product is added Anti-foaming on the basis of PVA 1588 and can effectively eliminate product foam in the application. It is also resistant to oil, grease and solvent. PVA 1588GA is odorless and nontoxic has high tensile strength and flexibility, as well as high oxygen and aroma barrier properties.    Product Feature: Partially Alcoholysis. Low viscosity. […]