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The role of air-entraining agents in building materials

Air-entraining agent, also known as air-entraining agent, is a hydrophobic surfactant. It is dissolved in water and added to the concrete mixture, which can generate a large number of tiny air bubbles during the stirring process. Air-entraining agents can improve the workability, water retention and cohesion of concrete mixtures, and improve the fluidity of concrete. In the mixing process of concrete mixtures, a large number of uniformly distributed, closed and stable micro-bubble admixtures are introduced.

1. Adding AH series air-entraining agent can improve the slump, fluidity and plasticity of concrete.
2. Reduce the bleeding and segregation of concrete and improve the homogeneity of concrete.
3. Mixed with AH series air-entraining agents, the elastic modulus is low, the rigidity is small, and the flexibility is good.
4. The thermal diffusion and conduction coefficient of concrete is reduced, which improves the volume stability of concrete, enhances the weather resistance of field structures, and prolongs the service life of road concrete.
5. Greatly improve the concrete’s frost resistance, salinity resistance, impermeability, sulfate resistance and alkali resistance to aggregate reaction performance.