PVA 1788F

Our Polyvinyl Alcohol 1788 Flake (PVA 1788F) series of products is specialized. It is made from vinyl acetate through polymerization and alcoholysis. It is a white, stable and non-toxic water-soluble polymer that can quickly dissolve in water to form a stable colloid. Water is a good solvent. PVA 1788F is raw materials of vinylon fibers, construction, paint additives, mainly used in textile, fabric […]

PVA 1788G

The PVA 1788G production facilities of our company have been perfecting day by day with the long-term absorption and technological transformation on the basis of importing the complete set of technology from European Company. PVA produced by our company is good in performances and stable in quality. It enjoys a great reputation both at home and […]

用于造纸工业的 PVA 聚乙烯醇 PVA 1788 BP17 PVA 088-20 JVP JP-18

Paper industry Application: PVA Polyvinyl Alcohol PVA 1788 BP17 PVA 088-20 JVP JP-18 for Paper industry can be used for surface coating and polishing, the ester can significantly improve corrosion resistance, water resistance and resistance to solvents, and may have higher fabric strength. Adhesive may also be used in the coating system, the optical carrier […]