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Polycarboxylic Acid Superplasticizer

Hydroxy Propyl Methyl Cellulose (HPMC)

Re-Dispersible Polymer Powder(RDP, VAE)

Water Soluble PVA Fiber

Application of pva in papermaking

PVA has strong adhesion to cellulose, good film-forming properties, and high film strength. PVA is mainly used as paper surface sizing agent, pigment binder and beating machine additive in the paper industry. It can improve the abrasion resistance, folding resistance and tear resistance of paper, and improve gloss, smoothness and printing adaptability. Not only the surface sizing agent of medium and low-grade paper should use PVA, but also medium and high-grade paper such as inkjet paper, thermal paper and carbonless copy paper. JOYFORCE PVA 0599 and PVA 1799 usually used by paper manufacturers .