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Water Soluble PVA Fiber

Application of PVA in Vinylon Fiber

Vinylon fiber is a synthetic fiber produced with PVA as a raw material, including vinylon staple fiber, vinylon long fiber, high-strength high-modulus, medium-strength middle-mode, water-soluble fiber and other varieties. Among them, high-strength and high-modulus fibers have high strength and modulus, strong fiber tension, and good overall performance. They are widely used in building materials, rubber products, coated cloth, plastic hoses and other industrial threads that require higher strength. These types of manufacturing generally uses JOYFORCE PVA 2488, PVA 1799. Industry, especially in cement and building materials. High-strength and high-modulus vinylon fiber is recognized as the most ideal “green environmental protection” high-tech material to replace asbestos as a framework material.