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Development prospects of polyvinyl alcohol

Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) is a high-molecular polymer, made from vinyl acetate (VAC) through polymerization and alcoholysis. It has good adhesion, film-forming properties, oil resistance, and colloidal protection. Pollution-free and degradable characteristics rarely seen in polymer materials. Compared with other chemical products, PVA and its derivative products have a very broad development space, and new uses and new varieties are still under continuous development. In the traditional application areas of PVA products, in addition to being used as raw materials for synthetic vinylon fibers, they are mainly used in adhesives, textile pulp, papermaking, etc. With the continuous application and exploration of new technologies, new processes, and new uses, the film , Soil amendments, food packaging, building materials, medicine, tanning, papermaking, electronics, environmental protection and other industries also have a wide range of application prospects.