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The role of polyvinyl alcohol PVA in ink

Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) is a water-soluble polymer. Because of its good adhesion, film-forming strength and pigment dispersibility, it is often used as an adhesive and surface sizing agent in the paper industry. Today, pVA has been successfully used in inkjet printing paper coatings-from low-grade paper to high-quality photo paper. Inkjet printing media require an ink-absorbing layer and, if necessary, a surface coating. The performance requirements of polyvinyl alcohol are different. PVA is used in printing inks. Good water resistance, good adhesion resistance, good fluidity and excellent pigment wetting properties make polyvinyl butyral resin series an ideal choice for printing ink binders. If formulated correctly, they will be odorless and tasteless. Because polyvinyl butyral (PVA) series resins are soluble in solvents that do not contain harmful substances and have excellent adhesion to organic substrates and aluminum foils, they are offset and gravure printing inks for food packaging Ideal choice.