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Water Soluble PVA Fiber

Application of Polyvinyl Formal Fiber in Industrial Field

Polyvinyl formal fibers are used in the industrial field to make canvas, tarpaulins, filter cloths, conveyor belts, packaging materials, work clothes, fishing nets and cables for offshore operations. High-strength, high-modulus filaments can be used as skeleton materials for conveyor belts, lining materials for various rubber hoses, rubber fabrics and rubber shoes, and can also be used to make bicycle tire cords. Because this fiber is resistant to the alkalinity of cement, and has good adhesion and affinity with cement, it can replace asbestos as a reinforcing material for cement products. It can be blended with cotton to make all kinds of clothing and interior products, as well as knitwear. However, the heat resistance is poor, the resulting fabric is not stiff, and cannot be washed in hot water. In addition, it also has use value in non-woven fabrics, papermaking, etc.