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Modified polyvinyl alcohol fiber

Polyvinyl alcohol fiber can be blended with other fibers, and then dissolved after textile processing to obtain high-grade spun yarn textiles, and can also be made into non-twisted yarn or non-weft blanket. It can also be used in papermaking as a binder to improve the strength and toughness of paper. In addition, it can also make special-purpose work clothes, surgical sutures, etc. An important modified variety is vinyl chloride-polyvinyl alcohol graft copolymer fiber, which is called vinyl chloride in China. It uses polyvinyl alcohol aqueous solution with low degree of polymerization as a dispersion medium, and under the action of a catalyst, graft copolymerization of vinyl chloride and polyvinyl alcohol; from the copolymer emulsion obtained, it is spun by emulsion spinning method (see chemical fiber spinning). fiber; and then through a similar post-treatment process as the polyvinyl formal fiber, the fiber product is obtained. It combines the advantages of polyvinyl chloride fiber and polyvinyl formal fiber.