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PVA 2488 With its excellent water-solubility, bonding strength, film forming properties and chemical stabilities, Polyvinyl alcohol(PVOH, PVA) has achieved a great reputation in both global and domestic markets as an industrial material or finishing agent for adhesives, paper, emulsion, suspension, fabric, and films.

The PVA 2488G (2488 Granule) production facilities of our company have been perfecting day by day with the long-term absorption and technological transformation on the basis of importing the complete set of technology from European Company.

Model:PVA 2488G

PVA 2488S is called 2488 Fine Powder and it used to produce textile sizing materials, coatings, adhesive, and it is widely used for paper processing, emulsifying agents, dispersants and blocking colloids. Besides, it can be employed as membranes, soil modifiers,etc.


This product is named PVA 2488GA and added Anti-foaming on the basis of PVA2488 and can effectively eliminate product foam in the application. It is also resistant to oil, grease and solvent.

Polyvinyl Alcohol Partially Hydrolyzed PVA 2488 Powder CAS 9002-89-5, which can be quickly and fully dissolved in tap water and cold water. Organic compound, white flake, flocculent or powdery solid, odorless.

CAS 9002-89-5 chemical PVA powder polyvinyl alcohol PVA 2488 is a white solid, and its appearance can be divided into flake, granular and powder; it can be solved in hot water. Its aqueous solution has good adhesion and film-forming properties: film-forming properties PVA 2488 is easy to form a film, with good mechanical properties. The tensile strength of the film increases with the degree of polymerization and alcoholysis.

Polyvinyl alcohol is an important chemical raw material, which is used to manufacture polyvinyl acetal, gasoline resistant pipeline and vinylon synthetic fiber, fabric treatment agent, emulsifier, paper coating, adhesive, glue, etc. PVA Polyvinyl Alcohol PVA 2488/ BP24/ 088-50/ PVA 224/ PVA Factory