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Water Soluble PVA Fiber


Water Soluble PVA Fiber is a kind of cotton-like synthetic fiber, it is widely used in agriculture, light industry, textile, military, medical treatment and so on. Water Soluble PVA fiber has satisfying soluble temperature, strength, elongation, good property of acid resistance, alkali resistance, dry and hot resistance. And after dissolving in water, it is non-smell, non-poison, the solvent is colorless transparent, it can be national degradation in short time, it will not bring environment pollution, it is 100% green product.

HSHM PVA Fiber has high tensile strength and modulus, due to its acid and alkali resistance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, UV resistance and other properties, no pollution and harm to human body and the environment, is an ideal material to replace industrial asbestos, is widely used in high performance concrete engineering field, coinage, military and other special fields.