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High strength polyvinyl alcohol fiber

High-strength polyvinylalcohol fiber is a fiber obtained by jelly spinning or wet spinning and high-stretching of polyvinylalcohol with a high degree of polymerization. For example: after the jelly yarn spun with dimethyl sulfoxide/water (8/2) mixed solvent is stretched by 48 times, the fiber with the strength of 21.36cN/dtex can be obtained. High-strength and high-modulus polyvinyl alcohol fibers with a strength of 39cN/dtex and a modulus of 925.6cN/dtex can be obtained by jelly spinning from syndiotactic polyvinyl alcohol with ultra-high degree of polymerization. The strength of the polyvinyl alcohol super-strength filament obtained by the jelly spinning technology of Japan Kuraray Company reaches 18cN/dtex. In the wet spinning technology, by adding borate to the solution, crosslinking points are formed during the coagulation process, so that the molecular chains with lower density in the spun fibers are entangled, so that high-stretching can be carried out. Fibers spun by this technique have a strength of 19.7 cN/dtex and a modulus of 385 cN/dtex (50GPa)