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Paper Processing

JOYFORCE Polyvinyl Alcohol Water-soluble polymers are mainly used in surface sizing agents, pigment binders and paper additives in the paper industry. In the past, starch pigments were used for surface sizing agents, and casein was mainly used for binders. Polyvinyl alcohol has better adhesion to cellulose than casein, strong film-forming properties, and good film-forming strength. Therefore, the demand for polyvinyl alcohol as a paper processing agent is rapidly expanding. With the advancement of paper, large-scale and high-speed paper making equipment, and rationalization of packaging methods, there is an increasing demand for polyvinyl alcohol.


Recommended Grades

Paper adhesive

PVA 1799, PVA 2499, PVA 2699, PVA 1788

Re-wetting adhesive

PVA 0588, PVA 2088, PVA 2488

Pigmented surface sizing

PVA 1799, PVA 1099, PVA 0599

Binder for Paper making

PVA 1799, PVA 1599, PVA 0599

Internal Sizing

PVA 1799

Carrier for optical brightener

PVA 1799, PVA 2088

Oil and grease resistance

PVA 1799