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Adhesives & Emulsions

JOYFORCE Polyvinyl Alcohol has allowed for its widespread use in industrial adhesives, she understands and continues to develop specialty and unique grades for the adhesives market. From ceramic binders to adhering to substrates like paper and wood, keeps improving tensile adhesive strength as a sole adhesive or as an additive. And can be use in polyvinyl acetate emulsions, specifically in wood and paper adhesives, water-resistant wood adhesives, general-purpose adhesives such as textile, leather, wood, and porous ceramic surfaces. The partially hydrolyzed grades are often selected for remoistening adhesives.


Polyvinyl alcohol also has a very low surface tension and the ability to disperse into very fine particles in water, and is used to produce polyvinyl alcohol emulsions. It is also a very good protective colloid, which makes polymerized, colloidal and granular polyvinyl alcohol form a stable aqueous emulsion to prevent its coagulation or degradation. Choosing from various PVA products depends on their performance. For latex with strong cohesive force at the initial stage of production, fully alcoholysis type PVA can be selected, such as marked PVA 1799, PVA 2099 and PVA 2499; on the contrary, when producing low-viscosity latex with high solid content, PVA with low polymerization degree can be combined with PVA with high alcoholysis degree is used in combination, PVA 0388 and PVA 1799 are used together.



Recommended Grades

Remoistenable adhesive

PVA 0588, PVA 2088, PVA 2488

Common office glue

PVA 0588, PVA 1788, PVA 2488

Adhesive, protective colloid for PVAc emulsion

PVA 0588, PVA 1788, PVA 2088, PVA 2488, PVA 2688, PVA 0599, PVA 1799, PVA 2499

High solid content adhesive

PVA 1788, PVA 2488, PVA 2099, PVA 2499, PVA 2699

Binder for Ceramics and Ferrites

PVA 0588, PVA 1788, PVA 2488, PVA 0599, PVA 1799, PVA 2499

Emulsion Stabilizer 

PVA 1788, PVA1799, PVA 2088, PVA 2499

Suspending agent for polystyrene

PVA 2088, PVA 2488, PVA 2688

Suspending agent for PVC

PVA 0572, PVA 0486, PVA 2688