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Textile Industry

The high film strength, flexibility, abrasion resistance, and good adhesion of PVA combined with its water solubility make Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA, PVOH) an efficient warp size for spun and filament yarn. JOYFORCE Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA, PVOH) provides a protective coating for spun and filament yarn, also allow yarn to be desized in hot water and are more effective than starch. The excellent film-forming capabilities provide protective coatings for spun and filament yarn, yet are still tough enough in abrasion resistance. Our innovative and dedicated team is committed to providing the excellent quality of products and services with less environmental impact for our customers in textile industries around the world.

JOYFORCE Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA, PVOH) PVA is currently one of the most efficient synthetic sizing agent for warp paste with the following advantages: 

1) In textile mills, the moisture content of starch paste must be 80-85%, while the moisture content of PVA slurry mixture is only 70-75%, which makes it possible to improve the operating environment and production efficiency.

2) In order to reduce desizing during sizing and weaving and keep the plant clean, PVA series with medium degree of polymerization are applicable.

3) PVA membrane has a good sizing effect. Due to its excellent pressure resistance, smoothness, abrasion resistance and adhesion to fibers, it can improve the weaveability of high-density high-end textiles.

4) PVA slurry is not easy to corrode, the viscosity will not change after long time heating, and it is not easy to degrade, which ensures the stability of the slurry and reduces the hard paste point.

5) PVA has a strong bonding force to the fiber, has a better protective effect, can reduce the number of breaks of the textile yarn and improve the weaving efficiency.



Recommended Grades

Stiffen agent for textile

PVA 1799, PVA 2499, PVA 2699

Warp sizing agent for cotton or rayon spun yarn

PVA 1599, PVA 1799, PVA 1788, PVA 2088

Binder for non-woven fabrics

PVA 1799, PVA 2499, PVA 2699

Resin Finishing

PVA 1799, PVA 2499, PVA 2699

Adhesive for screen printing

PVA 1788, PVA 2088, PVA 2488

Crease and shrinking resistant

PVA 1799, PVA 2499, PVA 2699