Industry News

  • With its excellent water-solubility, bonding strength, film forming properties and chemical stabilities, Polyvinyl alcohol(PVOH, PVA) has achieved a great reputation in both global and domestic markets as an industrial material or finishing agent for adhesives, paper, emulsion, suspension, fabric.


  • PVA optical film, also known as polyvinyl alcohol optical film, is the core material of polarizer. PVA optical film is a polarizing film, which is made of PVA resin, plasticizer, antioxidant and other trace additives dissolved in water, and then cast and dried by an extruder.


  • Polyvinyl alcohol defoamer can effectively solve these foam problems in the chemical industry as a polymeric emulsifier, dispersant and polyvinyl formal, acetal, butyral resin and other industries.


  • With the mutual penetration of polymer material science and modern pharmacy, the application of polymer materials as drug controlled release carriers has become one of the most popular research directions”, among which polyvinyl alcohol is the most important polymer compound in this regard.


  • The addition of PVA2099 in ceramic grinding can increase the fluidity and viscosity of clay and china clay, easy to filter, help to form blanks, reduce the breakage rate of blank transportation, and does not affect the shape and color of the finished product after sintering.


  • PVA water-soluble film is widely used in cosmetic products, especially the washing powder, laundry detergent and other chemical products. Using this packing method has the advantage of fixed quantity, and easy use.