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  • To dissolve polyvinyl alcohol, the material should be added to room temperature water under stirring. Disperse evenly and then heat up to accelerate the dissolution, which can prevent caking and affect the dissolution speed. The polyvinyl alcohol aqueous solution (5%) is very sensitive to borax and boric acid, which is easy to cause gelation. When the borax reaches 1% of the solution mass, irreversible gelation will occur.


  • 1. Various waterproof and moisture-proof of various attached construction workers and single-built civil air defense projects, industrial and civil buildings; 2. Waterproof and moisture-proof for various large, medium and small grain reserves of the country; 3. Waterproofing of various sewage pools, purification pools, edible pools, swimming pools and underground works;


  • Xylem Fiber is an organic flocculent fiber material obtained by chemical treatment and mechanical processing of natural renewable wood.


  • Polypropylene short fiber is a kind of fiber. Polypropylene short fiber can improve the crack resistance, impermeability, impact abrasion resistance, frost resistance, explosion resistance of mortar/concrete and improve the workability of concrete.


  • Air-entraining agent, also known as air-entraining agent, is a hydrophobic surfactant. It is dissolved in water and added to the concrete mixture, which can generate a large number of tiny air bubbles during the stirring process. Air-entraining agents can improve the workability, water retention and cohesion of concrete mixtures, and improve the fluidity of concrete. In the mixing process of concrete mixtures, a large number of uniformly distributed, closed and stable micro-bubble admixtures are introduced.


  • Cement retarder is a kind of retarder that can delay the hydration reaction of cement, thereby prolonging the setting time of concrete, making fresh concrete maintain plasticity for a long time