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Application of polyvinyl alcohol in eye drops

Due to the development of science and technology, people are surrounded by electronic products all day long. People who often use these electronic products can easily cause eye discomfort and other symptoms. At this time, polyvinyl alcohol eye drops come in handy. Polyvinyl alcohol eye drops are colorless, slightly viscous and clear liquids. They can be used as a lubricant to prevent or treat irritation such as dry eyes, foreign body sensations, and eye fatigue, or to improve dry eyes. However, long-term use is not recommended. Polyvinyl alcohol eye drops, because polyvinyl alcohol eye drops are after all a kind of eye drops, long-term use of eye drops may not only not protect the eyes, but will cause damage to the eyes. Therefore, it is recommended that if you have the conditions, you can use polyvinyl alcohol eye drops under the guidance of a pharmacist.